Rediscovering the Bonds of Community

Rediscovering the bonds of communityNearly two years into the pandemic, the time is right for rediscovering the bonds of community. Historically, Americans have a way of coming together in moments of crisis. Whether organizing food drives, raising barns, planting victory gardens, or rationing scarce resources, the importance of civic duty is generally understood and appreciated. But when civic duty requires that community stay apart, the results present an added depth of hardship.

COVID has kept us apart. We have hunkered down for months in our private, socially distanced bubbles. We can save the policy debate about the pros and cons of lockdowns and vaccines for another time. The simple fact is this: we’ve been isolated, living our lives from behind a computer screen, waving through glass windows.

Collectively, we have canceled graduations, anniversary celebrations, weddings and funerals. Milestones and opportunities have been missed. COVID has leveled an undeniable blow to community at a time when community is both noticeably fragile and particularly essential.

In my first long-form article for The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture, I explore one of the quiet casualties of COVID—the hastened deterioration of community. From there, I make the Biblical case for community and how COVID has actually revealed what the scriptures have taught us all along: we were made for community.

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Rediscovering and Relearning the Bonds of Community.

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