ARTICLE: Honoring the ‘Father of Zionism’

ARTICLE: Honoring the ‘Father of Zionism’

By Erin Rodewald // October 3, 2016

(This article originally appeared in The Philos Project)

The stories of great men often fade with the passage of time, even as their legacies remain. Indeed, the contributions of William E. Blackstone – American evangelist and, according to some, the true father of modern-day Zionism – might be lost to the ages but for the efforts of a few dedicated scholars and religious leaders intent on preserving his memory.

On Sept. 28, the Blackstone Commemoration Committee hosted a multi-faith ceremony at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif., celebrating the 175th anniversary of Blackstone’s birth and his historic initiatives in public diplomacy on behalf of the Jewish people, known as the Blackstone Memorial Petitions of 1891 and 1916.

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