ARTICLE: Remembering Churchill In The Age of Jihad

ARTICLE:  Remembering Churchill In The Age of Jihad

By Erin Rodewald // January 23, 2015

(This article originally appeared in the Daily Caller)

Saturday marks 50 years since the passing of Sir Winston Churchill, Great Britain’s indomitable prime minister during World War II and one of history’s most revered statesmen. As the world reels from violence and unrest — terrorist attacks in Paris, slaughter in Nigeria, fighting and religious persecution throughout the Middle East — it is fitting to reflect on the character of a man who stared down tyranny in the 20th century and denied the grip of evil on humanity.

Many remember Churchill for his searing rhetoric, political acumen, and biting wit. Yet it is his gifted leadership that often sets him apart — leadership recognized for its moral clarity, decisiveness, resolve, and the ability to inspire others.

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