Writing for the Public Square

cropped-img_3328-e1544571092800Hi, I’m Erin.

I write to make public policy interesting, accessible, and relevant to the average reader.

Whether explaining current legislation, unpacking international headlines, or reviewing the latest book, I keep my words simple and straightforward.  My readers know they can count on me to help them understand the critical issues of our day so they feel empowered to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful and informed way.

On this site, you will find my blog, where I regularly post about policy, politics, and social trends. My topics range from international religious freedom and foreign relations to American politics and civil society. I have included links to my published works, helpful resources, and assorted odds and ends useful for cocktail parties, PTA meetings, or Jeopardy.

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On the primary sources page, you will find links to useful websites, fellow bloggers, published reports, studies, and legislation. The intent: to provide you with the source and not just the sound bite on important information.

Finally, if you are looking for a wordsmith—someone to help write, research or edit that next big project—have a look at my writing services page. I would welcome the opportunity to share my expertise. Leave me a comment on the contact page, and I will be happy to reach out to discuss your writing/editing needs.